Friday, August 21, 2009


My you see what i did there?
Well its been over 2 weeks since my last spectacular blog post and a lot has changed since then,for one i no longer really suck at pvp,i have etched myself a notch above "suck" and ingrained myself into the"meh" evident by my killboard profile-------------WEE----------------------
A few days ago i entered a wh and managed to scan down (getting better at that too) a Hulk,Retriever and Itty5 mining in a grav site peacefully...and there was no fucking way i was gonna let something tasty like that pass without ruining there day,so i put the call out in corp and i swear,within a span of 3 minutes i had 8 or 9 fully fitted pilots ready to enter the wh and open cans of condensed whoop ass.i slowly got myself 13k above the Hulk in my carebear mobile and made the call,HIC rolled in first popped bubble and there they lay,3 helpless mongoloids with no where to go as the rest of my piwates-for-the-hour warped in on them and layed siege to there precious mining op.all i could do was giggle like an 9 yr old girl watching Total Drama Island cloaked above them with no type of weaponry fitted or even ecm's...sigh.
These guys had balls though,as i scanned down there newly dropped pos they warped in a Drake,Myrm,and Geddon...with pve fits,LOL,and they got to feel what it is like to be sent home via clone...what aggravates me the most is somehow the drake was able to get away and there was a fucking LEGION that got to safety in the pos bubble.GAAAHCadvcasdvsv.......
If you are wondering what my post title is supposed to mean,its a shoutout to my fc who managed to get my beautiful 36 kill streak zealot popped...sniff,sniff (pours a little on the ground for my dead homie)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Damn man,9 dread spawns in 4 days,not a bad haul altho 6 dropped loot 2 of them were invul fields which fetch about 400 mil i think.hoping i can start saving up for my future drug manufacturing endeavor which i intend on starting.
Yes people,like a typical Puerto Rican i will become a drug dealer,i mean i may suck at pvp,combat probing and a slew of other things,but this...this is something we excel at right?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

She loves me...She loves me not

this is why i married her....


<--my shout out.
Last couple of nights have been pretty fun.went roaming with my 3 man cream team of Capt Kraise,Valen and myself in a Harpy,Wolf and Crow looking to kill some small shit and we managed to catch a manticore who made the same mistake as we did (against a tristan in an event that we agreed we would never speak of out loud again).
After a few more jumps we end up in Venal and witness a red vagabond in a fight with 3 blues. he was way too fast and his drones would have tore the shit out of us so we decided to just watch.later we end up deeper in Venal in a deadend system...whoo boy did that turn out bad.Russians are persistent yo!after a cat and mouse game of us jumping to ss's and me fudging it all up and annoying Capt. we decide to dock in npc station and log,which i am sure the russians must have been thrilled about...FUCK GORBACHEV...or whoever there leader is.

oh by the way i suck at combat probing too.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The mind of a sadist....

every time i step into a ship and undock in search of pewpew i get that nagging (intelligent?) thought in the back of my mind that tells me"Just jump in your covops and carebear ca's and plexes you stupid tard." but of course,against my better judgement (stupidity?),i storm ahead and like a monkey fucking a football i scramble all along the keyboard until my precious ship,which i have spent hours researching best fits and asking corpmates what i should equip,is nothing but a salvageable floating skeleton with blinking little lights and a cargo container with my worldly possesions in it.....le sigh.

but goddamn i love this game.


i suck at this game....discuss.